The 3D Printer- Printing paper is not the only things printers can do

This really blew my mind. There will be all types of things printers will be able to print. All you will need to do is to scan what you want to be printed! In this video, it shows how a wrench is printed from a 3D printer. That is pretty awesome. It’ll save lots of time and effort. The invention can scan anything and reprint it. Can you think of all the applications that can be used? What if someone makes a huge 3D printer that could print out buildings or houses. Human labor will be reduced all around the world. If you lose something, you could just reprint it.
If you are still interest in a 3D printer, then watch this! This shows a 3D printer that can print out a human kidney! If we prefect this innovation, then many lives will be able to be saved. We will be able to print out any organs that we need.


Inventions That Killed Business

Not all new inventions make everyone happy. There are many businesses that are destroyed by new innovations. Have you ever even seen a VCR anymore? It was replaced by online and digital movies such as Netflix. No modern homes have a record player anymore. Everyone uses stereos or music from their computers/phones. Here is a list of inventions that have killed past businesses. The times are changing, and new projects are worked on every day.

The world is changing every day. Technology will soon replace human labor. It is evolving at a stunning rate. I thought this was interesting as we will look back on technology today and find them ancient. The newest inventions will seem bland in 30 years. I wonder what the world has in store for us.

Is Productivity killing Creativity?

Currently, our life deals with technology everywhere. Everyone has a cellphone, T.V., or some kind of technological device. We spend our time going on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, etc. If we are doing all these things, when do we have the time to think? People should give time to themselves every day to just relax and think about anything.

Google is a huge industry. They have been creating and promoting new ideas since day 1. Their employees have a lot of benefits. In order to improve creativity, their employees do not work all the time. They have game rooms and gyms in the work area in order to allow the employees to rest and have fun.


While searching up innovation, I came up on technology that could be used to find ghost such as a EMF or Electronic Magnetic Field Detectors or a Spirit Wind Chime. (Shown below)

I always wondered do ghosts exists? Does this technology actually work? They change when there is a difference in the electronic magnetic field, but does that mean a ghost is there? I actually believe that deep inside we know that ghosts are just made up. We want to hope and believe that there is an afterlife. We want to hope there is a heaven to look forward to and a way to see our long lost parents, siblings, or loved ones. It also helps us live our life without fear. Personally, I have never seen a ghost myself, but I continue to believe that somewhere out there, there is one.