Anti-Stress Pen

Anti-Stress Pen

Finals week is coming up for college and high school students. I thought this was a clever invention to relieve stress. People tend to fidget with pens when they are nervous. This device detects fidgeting, and get the person to stop. It is built in with motion sensors that detect nervous movement. It is still a prototype, but it seems to be working. The pen lowered experimenters’heart rate by 5 percent, and they didn’t seem to notice the pen.

Something small can be used to help out your every day life. College students and high school students use pens and pencils every day. Why not relieve some stress while at it? There is a lot of stress in school whether it is for studying for finals, improving your grade, fitting in socially, or waiting for acceptance into a college. Of course this is not only limited to students. Office workers or anyone can also use these pens.


One thought on “Anti-Stress Pen

  1. Thanks for posting this! Midterms are coming, and I’ve got to get me one of these. I’m a college student, and stress has always been an issue. This pen seems really interesting and could help me out when I do presentations. Even the slightest things can always make a big difference. Continue posting these awesome ideas!

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