Innovation of Frankenstein

Not all inventions turn out great. Take your time working on it and decide if it is worth it. I’m not saying don’t try but just think it through.There have been countless inventors that have spent their lives working on inventions that turned out to be useless. Get other people’s opinions and recommendations on it. Having many different point of views will help prefect the innovation. Make sure before you start your innovation, spend a lot of time brain storming about it. Pretend it is like a high school project. If you rush it, you’ll get a bad grade. The best inventions take several years to prefect. The more thought you put into it, the more effort it will show.

Look at Frankenstein here. He spent years working on the creature, but look how ugly it turned out. He put in his mind and soul into making the creature, but he eventually hated it with a passion.  Also the creature ended up haunting him till Frankenstein eventually died, so make sure you think your idea out before you end up regretting it. Life is too short to waste.


Google Glasses

Is this the next big thing? I was absolutely amazed when I saw this video. It’s basically everything that cellphones have in glasses.This technology will move us forward. What if this was applied to contact lenses?  Think of all the applications that can be applied to this. Can you imagine going to school or traveling wearing one of these. I have learned to look through books (and the world) using different lenses, but using the Google glasses is not as metaphoric. You can actually experience a whole new world using these lens. New technology is a gate way to experience a different reality. Sometimes looking at the world in a different perspective is all you need.

The only downsides I would say are the costs and the appearance. It costs $1500, so I would recommend waiting for the 2nd or even third generation. Also the appearance looks kind of nerdy. If you could customize it to any glasses, then that would be perfect. Also it isn’t truly efficient as it can’t fully do everything your cell phone can, so you will have to carry your smart phone around too. However, it does have its perks such as seeing a place or image through another person’s eyes.

Here is a sneak peak of what the glasses can do!

The Next Generation

This inspired me to write this post. The world is advancing faster than you know it. A generation ago, no one really used computers or cellphones, but in such a short time span now everyone uses them. Back when my mom was a child, she never even heard of a cell phone. I wonder what the world has in store for us. Technology is progressing at startling rate. We may think that the new Iphones or computers that recently came out are amazing. They are ingenious for the current day, but in the future we will look back and notice how ancient they are just like how people today look back on VCRs and record players. It is almost scary to see how fast our world is advancing.

What the future has in store for us is a mystery.

Anti-Stress Pen

Anti-Stress Pen

Finals week is coming up for college and high school students. I thought this was a clever invention to relieve stress. People tend to fidget with pens when they are nervous. This device detects fidgeting, and get the person to stop. It is built in with motion sensors that detect nervous movement. It is still a prototype, but it seems to be working. The pen lowered experimenters’heart rate by 5 percent, and they didn’t seem to notice the pen.

Something small can be used to help out your every day life. College students and high school students use pens and pencils every day. Why not relieve some stress while at it? There is a lot of stress in school whether it is for studying for finals, improving your grade, fitting in socially, or waiting for acceptance into a college. Of course this is not only limited to students. Office workers or anyone can also use these pens.

Unleashing the Power Within

I found this article very helpful in thinking of new innovations. It would help people who can’t think of projects for the innovation project. If you want to be creative and think of a different solution to problems, try using these techniques. I think before starting a project, people should list out these questions and see if they can answer them before starting. Thinking outside the box will lead to new ideas which will lead to new innovations.

You may be thinking how to think outside of the box? Here is a link of ways to think out of the box. Remember to be creative and to try new things. As you experience more and more, you become creative. Don’t be afraid to try new things. Who knows? You may be the next Bill Gates.

Credit to the Wrong Inventors

This is a list of inventions that are attributed to the wrong inventors. Inventors can get betrayed and others will try to get credit for an invention that is not theirs. In class, we read in class that people can be very sneaky and work for their own needs. There are only two types of people in the world – the suck ups and the ones who pretend to be suck ups.

Only tell the ideas to the people you trust. Money can make the worst in people. Make sure you get your idea patented. I actually have a personally story about this. My brother and his friends had an idea about putting pictures on a shirt. For example, you could take a picture of a mountain and then upload it on a shirt of your design. However, they needed money and sponsorship. Their idea ended up getting stolen by people who they asked to get sponsorship from. The world can be a cruel place so take precaution.

A World We Never Expected

Here is a list of inventions that are very unusually but may be very useful in the near future. By thinking of what is a need for the society, people were able to create new ideas. They were able to create new inventions that are convenient and efficient. We always take things for granted whether it may a ballpoint pen or a stapler. Have you ever imagined how life would be without a computer or a cell phone? Nobody in the past ever imagined how we would replace horses and carriages with cars. These inventions may be used everyday in the near future, but only because people were able to question what was a need in their life.

The new invention from the list that I found most relevant to myself would be PrePeat rewritable printer.The printer allows a single sheet of paper to be used 1,000 times before it needs to be replaced by using temperature to changed the images on the leuco dyes on the paper.   In case, you didn’t know I am a student. This would help save so many sheets of paper! The only bad thing is that the printer costs around 6000 dollars and that would take a while to pay off. If they are able to fix the cost efficiency, then it will be very convenient to use.

The innovation from the list that I believe to be most useful (and most nauseating) for society would be the robot that devours insects and rodents. The rodents would be chemically dismantled and then used as power to fuel itself. This can help transform dirty restaurants and houses. However this is still a concept because who wants to actually watch a rodent being digested and dismantled.