The 3D Printer- Printing paper is not the only things printers can do

This really blew my mind. There will be all types of things printers will be able to print. All you will need to do is to scan what you want to be printed! In this video, it shows how a wrench is printed from a 3D printer. That is pretty awesome. It’ll save lots of time and effort. The invention can scan anything and reprint it. Can you think of all the applications that can be used? What if someone makes a huge 3D printer that could print out buildings or houses. Human labor will be reduced all around the world. If you lose something, you could just reprint it.
If you are still interest in a 3D printer, then watch this! This shows a 3D printer that can print out a human kidney! If we prefect this innovation, then many lives will be able to be saved. We will be able to print out any organs that we need.


Unleashing the Power Within

I found this article very helpful in thinking of new innovations. It would help people who can’t think of projects for the innovation project. If you want to be creative and think of a different solution to problems, try using these techniques. I think before starting a project, people should list out these questions and see if they can answer them before starting. Thinking outside the box will lead to new ideas which will lead to new innovations.

You may be thinking how to think outside of the box? Here is a link of ways to think out of the box. Remember to be creative and to try new things. As you experience more and more, you become creative. Don’t be afraid to try new things. Who knows? You may be the next Bill Gates.

A World We Never Expected

Here is a list of inventions that are very unusually but may be very useful in the near future. By thinking of what is a need for the society, people were able to create new ideas. They were able to create new inventions that are convenient and efficient. We always take things for granted whether it may a ballpoint pen or a stapler. Have you ever imagined how life would be without a computer or a cell phone? Nobody in the past ever imagined how we would replace horses and carriages with cars. These inventions may be used everyday in the near future, but only because people were able to question what was a need in their life.

The new invention from the list that I found most relevant to myself would be PrePeat rewritable printer.The printer allows a single sheet of paper to be used 1,000 times before it needs to be replaced by using temperature to changed the images on the leuco dyes on the paper.   In case, you didn’t know I am a student. This would help save so many sheets of paper! The only bad thing is that the printer costs around 6000 dollars and that would take a while to pay off. If they are able to fix the cost efficiency, then it will be very convenient to use.

The innovation from the list that I believe to be most useful (and most nauseating) for society would be the robot that devours insects and rodents. The rodents would be chemically dismantled and then used as power to fuel itself. This can help transform dirty restaurants and houses. However this is still a concept because who wants to actually watch a rodent being digested and dismantled.